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How to draw basic characters

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Learn to draw with a sketchbook and pen!

Learn how to draw a basic face.

In this lesson, learn to draw a face in Aiko's style.
The techniques that have been the basis of her illustrations will be explained.

The most important thing when drawing illustrations is balance.
When drawing a face, where you place the features is very important.

This lesson will focus on how to draw a well balanced face.
Learn which features to draw first so that the face is well balanced.

Also learn the key points to making the illustration look three-dimensional.

◯How to draw hair that is dynamic
◯How to add shadows to the hair so that it won't look unnatural
◯Where and how to place the shadows when shading in the face

These are just some of the tips Aiko will give you so that you can create a character with a lively look.

You can enjoy drawing illustrations with just pen and paper,
so this lesson is recommended for beginners in illustration!

By mastering how to make it well-balanced and the ways of shading, you can change it up however you want!

In the lesson, you can also learn how to arrange facial features to create different emotions,
so keep the points mastered in this lesson in mind, and draw lots of illustrations with different expressions.

You can do it easily as long as you have a sketchbook and pen,
so beginners should try drawing illustrations and enjoy the process!
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