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Introduction to Lightroom & Why You Need to Master Basic Adjustments

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All photo editing beginners should watch this video!
It will explain the basic functions and uses of the program Lightroom!

In this second photo editing lesson, the instructor will explain the basic functions of Lightroom so that even beginners can easily follow!

Lightroom is a photo processing and editing app.
Geared toward true photo editing beginners, this video carefully explains how to edit using Lightroom.

"Why is Lightroom recommended?"
"What kind of software is it, and what can it do?"

These questions and more will be answered by professional photographer Malithe, who travels the world taking beautiful landscape photos.
He will carefully explain the basic functions of this editing tool.

Specifically, he will explain

◆Reasons for using Lightroom
◆Editing functions available in Lightroom

and more, explaining each feature in detail so you can properly edit your photos and turn them into alluring artworks.

We all want to avoid editing a photo haphazardly and ruining the natural beauty we worked hard to capture.

This tutorial explains why each step is necessary focusing on the mistakes that editing beginners often make so that you can fully understand each component of the editing process.

Malithe's editing technique is to focus on the details and bring out the existing beauty of the original photograph.

Take this opportunity to learn from the best, then move on to the next steps!
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