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Small Flower Pattern Lace

0010 square 01
0010 square 02
"Level: Advanced"
There will be a difference in technology! Plump raised floral pattern lace.

A blurred texture like a veil covering the small flower, and the plump flower is the point.✨We shot with focus the procedure to draw a small floral pattern that is difficult to balance, so it will be very helpful.

* I want to master high level art
* I want to increase variations of art
* Flower art is making mannerism
* I want to know how to do plump art!

For those who apply to the above, we certainly want to see. By mastering this art, there is no doubt that the range of applied art will expand. How to make plump flowers, and how to finish is must-see because it is the novel way!

{From Prof. Saori Tanabe
"Seminar room limited art!! You can paint the flowers with distortion, dare to destroy it, as a result, finish it cute. I will not lecture this art at regular seminars. Please try using brush strokes and balance, and make different colors and applied art etc."