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Line Film Bow Design

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Great nail art for a secondary design!
This tutorial shows how to make a bow design that is beautifully delicate yet not too girly!

This lesson teaches how to make a sophisticated bow design using the line film
that can be worn with various kinds of nail art.

The classy and delicate bow design looks simple to make,
but there is actually a lot of detail that goes into making it.

◆How to cut the line film
◆How to create a good balance
◆Where to place the stud

This tutorial will explain these points and shows the process of making a simple yet cute bow.

This nail art design goes well with various other designs. It can be paired with solid colors or can be a subtle little accent to the main art.

This bow design can be easily modified into different designs, and it is also seasonless.
It will definitely be a very useful design to have in your salon work!

The line films are available in various colors and sizes, so make different ones to match various nail designs.

You will also learn a small tip that will help you get to work quickly when a customer orders this design at your salon.

*Message from the instructor Tanabe
"We get lots of orders on this simple bow.
The particular details bring out the cuteness. (*^^*)"

Take this opportunity to learn how to make this time-saving bow design that suits various occasions.