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oioioio's Botanical Lesson Set
oioioio's Botanical Lesson Set
oioioio's Botanical Lesson Set
oioioio's Botanical Lesson Set
oioioio's Botanical Lesson Set
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Botanical Encyclopedia Nail
Botanical Encl=yclopedia Nail: Daffodil

Lessons by RISA, a master of hand-drawn nail art!
A series of lessons where you can learn how to use gel polish to draw anemone flowers, butterflies, daffodils and different leaves and fruits, among many other things!

In this lesson set, the three lessons listed down below can be purchased at once for a discounted price!

You'll be able to master Risa's botanical art designs in no time!

①Botanical Bouquet

It's a lesson that teaches you how to create a design that combines anemone flowers, fruits and leaves, all of which can also be used on their own in separate designs.

There's nothing more feminine than a design that's just slightly see-through and elegant at the same time.
Since it looks great on short nails as well, you can introduce this design to a wide range of clients.

◆How to draw a realistic flower and how to add shading
◆Tips on how to draw the center portion of the flower
◆How to choose colors that look natural
◆Tips on how to create variations in the darkness and lightness of the colors to achieve a natural effect

among other things will be covered in this lesson.

②Botanical Encyclopedia Nail

It's a lesson on how to draw a butterfly and two different kinds of leaves.
A design perfect for the warmer seasons.

The lesson is conducted using artificial nails with a pink-beige base so that it's easier to see the design,
but you can also make this design on clear nails to give a more refreshing feeling.

◆The recommended brush for drawing fine, thin lines
◆How to clean up your mistake if you accidentally draw a line too thick
◆How to draw a realistic-looking butterfly
◆How to pick the right colors to match the skin tone
◆How to ensure that there is harmony in the overall design
◆One extra step you can take to make the design pop and feel more 3D

among other things will be covered in this lesson.

③Botanical Encl=yclopedia Nail: Daffodil

This lesson will cover how to draw a daffodil, which can be used as the main design or as a secondary design.
This lesson is full of tips on how to make the daffodil look more real.

◆How to make the base and draw the lines so that the colors appear clearly
◆Tips on creating the color look transparent
◆Tips on the color choice that gives the botanical art look
◆How to paint the shades so that the design looks realistic

Once you master this design, your repertoire of nail designs will increase dramatically.
Try combining all sorts of flowers and leaves together to create even livelier designs!

Do your best to master RISA's botanical art designs, which are all extremely popular on Instagram.
Try this trend out for yourself today!