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aya Special Yoga Lessons
aya Special Yoga Lessons
aya Special Yoga Lessons
aya Special Yoga Lessons
aya Special Yoga Lessons
aya Special Yoga Lessons
Tone your body easily at home!
Easy exercise guides by aya, yoga creator from avex managements!
This is a lesson package that includes all of the 4 lessons!

This lesson set includes 4 series of excersices packed together.

Rather than taking each lesson one by one, you can take the lessons at a more reasonable price.

The lessons included in this set are the 4 listed below.
Each lesson will be taught in 45 minutes, so let's take your time and try to shape up!

①Yoga for the Upper Body -Relieve shoulder stiffness and slim down your face!-

This lesson will be teaching how to shape up your upper arms
and neck by dynamically moving your scapula.

Starting with specific problems for women such as upper arms and the neck,
we will be aiming to remove shoulder stiffness and to slim down the facial contour.

Using Aya's effective exercises applied with her deep knowledge about the human body's functions,
let's shape up the areas around your neck and shoulders, while mindfully loosening up the scapula.

②Yoga for Abs -Stimulate the abdominal organs and get a flat stomach!-

This lesson teaches how to use your inner muscles
to tighten up the loose stomach!

Waist, that is something any women would be more or less concerened.

With a toned, flat stomach you will be confident in a pencil skirt or tight clothes that show your body line.

aya teaches each movement in the exercise
focusing on how to effectively tone up your stomach.

③Yoga for the Lower Body -Relieve your swelling, get slender legs and toned-up buttocks!-"

In today's lesson, she will lecture poses that will shape up your hips, give you slender legs, and relieve your swelling.

aya will explain the important points of the easy shape up exercise of your lower body that you can easily try at home!

This lesson will be a must watch for people feeling anxious of their lower body or concerned of the swells on their legs.

With the original exercise made by aya, who knows all about the body functions,
she will neatly explain the important points needed to enhance the effects of shaped up hips and beautiful legs.

④Yoga for the Whole Body - Loosen your joints and refresh your body! -

The exercises in this lesson include dynamic poses
that allow you to do lots of work in a short time.
The instructor explains how to obtain a flexible body and build up your core.

This will be a must watch for those who feel their body is heavy or feel somehow tired.

The exercise shown in the lesson consists of dynamic and traditional yoga poses. The instructor gives a comprehensive explanation of what you should think about to become flexible and build your core.

Following the detailed instruction and moving your body will
make you feel as if you are actually exercising at a yoga studio!

The online lesson lets you experience the real yoga at the comfort of your own home.

Use the lessons to effectively shape up and obtain a feminine and elegant figure. You will be able to wear tight clothes stylishly.

So take some time in between your hectic work or house chores
and try these easy exercises at home!