vintage flowers
vintage flowers
vintage flowers
vintage flowers
vintage flowers
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A lesson on making truly realistic flowers!
We will teach you the process of painting realistic vintage tulips, daisies, and violas.

This good-value set of lessons includes three different types of flowers.
The flowers are made with acrylic paint and suit a mature style as well.

Flowers are a staple design for nail artists and there are more styles than you can count,
but this lesson by DAISY focuses on making flowers that look delicate and real.

By grasping the characteristics of each type of flower, it's possible to achieve a natural and elegant design.

Tulips have a sense of softness and they aren't too strong,
so they match casual outfits as well as more formal ones.

Without a doubt, this is an essential design that suits a wide range of customers.

This session is filled with information about varying the depth of color,
adding shading, how to avoid a dull result and much more.

You can draw just one flower or all three for a good result.

"The flowers all have differences in shape and colors, but they still
can be combined without the design becoming too busy.

The ability for making combinations is another point of appeal for this piece.

Even though the base color used in this lesson is a pinkish beige,
you can create an endless amount of variation by changing the color,
so go ahead and play around with the design after learning it.

Your customers are sure to fall in love with this hand-drawn flower nail art piece by DAISY!