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【Diploma Available】Imaginary stone & Boho accessory
【Diploma Available】Imaginary stone & Boho accessory
【Diploma Available】Imaginary stone & Boho accessory
【Diploma Available】Imaginary stone & Boho accessory
You will be eligible for the purchase of the diploma by taking this lesson.
If you wish to purchase it, you can do so on "my page" later. (extra charge required)The diolpma is to be shipped via mail.We will contact you individually when you have purchased the certificate.


■Imaginary Stone

Gemstone useable for the entire year!
A realistic stone design will be taught in today's lesson.

An's style of stone art made with turquoise and brown
will be taught in today's lesson.

The lesson will thoroughly explain how to create realistic patterns and insert lines.

There are gemstone nail designs with various impressions,
but the stone design An will be teaching today is mature.

Mixing colors to create a deep tone and including delicate lines
can create a mature impression.

This lesson will introduce the tips for creating an elaborate design, focusing on
how to apply marble-like colors and how to add thin lines that look like cracks.

In addition, the instructor will explain:

◯The extra effort at the beginning that can enhance the design's glimmer
◯The procedure of creating a realistic turquoise and brown coloring
◯Techniques with the liner and angular brush to insert the cracked lines

and more.
It is a step by step tutorial on how to create a realistic stone design.

The process of building the beautiful marble decorations with ease is a must-see.
This technique is applicable to other designs so please try learning it!

It will be pretty whether you complete it with gloss or matte gel,
so try to adjust the finish according to your customer's preferences.

This design can be used both as your main or your accompanying design,
so please master and try to make use of it in salon work!

Once you master the procedure of creating the "Imaginary Stone",
try out the next design that can be used together, "Boho Accessory"!
Please give today's design a try in salon work!

■Boho Accessory

Put silver accessories on your nails!

You will learn how to make realistic gemstone nail art

In this lesson, you will learn to create designs
that look like accessories in turquoise and silver.

This nail art that looks like real silver accessories gives off a very extravagant feeling.
Your customers will surely be delighted.

But how do you actually make silver accessories like this?
May be a question that many of you may have.

It may seem very complicated, but if you grasp the points and the process, you'll be able to make this for salon work.

In this lesson, you will learn the simple steps to creating a turquoise stone pattern,
and how to paint the lines so that they look like accessories.

Other than that,

◯How to create a more solid silver for creating nail art
◯The key points to making the turquoise parts puff up
◯The brush techniques for creating thin and fine silver lines

and many more,
such as how to finish it so that it looks fancy, will be taught in the lesson.

If you can master how to create the silver parts and turquoise gemstone,
you can change the arrangement freely!

Let's try making them in the shapes of your favorite silver accessories!

As mentioned in this lesson, it looks cute if you do this for the entire nail,
but you can also place it on the roots as a secondary nail design.

Please try making Boho Accessories that will surely be of great use

You're also recommended to combine it with this tutorial! 「Imaginary Stone」