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■Super Easy Plaid Nails

Perfect for autumn/winter season nail salon work!
Learn a super fast and easy way to do plaid nails!

Today's lesson is on plaid nails, a must-learn design for nail art.
Our teacher for today, mayu, will talk about her way of drawing fashionable plaids.

Brush up your plaid nails skill by learning mayu's way to do plaids.
It's easy, simple, and most importantly, better!

The best thing about this nail art is that it is super duper easy to do.

Learn how to save time on a classic pattern like plaids.
It will definitely become your salon's next hit.

You'll also learn how to create plaids that are fashionable and high in quality,
while you learn how to do them fast and easy.

This plaid nail art with uniquely textured lines will
make your plaid designs look better.

In addition, she talks about:

◯how to draw two different types of lines to make your plaids look fashionable,
◯what to do in order to create well-balanced, perfect lines,
◯tips for avoiding bumpy nail surfaces,

and more.
mayu will guide you through every single step of the process
you'll need to know in order to create fashionable and easy plaid nails!

Another great thing about this classic nail art is that it's highly customizable.

Not only can you change the colors, but also
you can even combine other nail stickers and parts in order to create the nail art that you want.

Our teacher for this lesson, mayu, will show you her customized nail art samples
and show you various ways to customize plaid nails. Feel free to try them out!

Brush up your skills and master mayu's way of doing plaid nail art this autumn/winter.
Enjoy customizing mayu's design and use them in your nail salon!

■DP : double position / geometric

A fashionable salon-work nail art design for autumn and winter seasons!
Today's lesson is on an embedded nail art design that looks as if small accessory parts are trapped inside the nail's surface.

Today's lesson is on embedded nail art parts.
Embedded nail art is a type of fashionable nail art where the nail parts look like they've been trapped in the surface of the nail.

They might seem hard to do, but mayu will guide you through each and every step of the process,
while teaching us techniques and tips on how to do them.

The most important point of this type of art is how you form the nails.
Since you're going to be embedding nail parts into the surface, it will make the nail form very thick.
You need to acquire various techniques in order to shape a beautiful, clean nail form.

This lesson will cover those various techniques,"
and will teach you how to shape the nail form beautifully while embedding nail parts in the surface. The lesson will also teach you:

◯Points to keep in mind while balancing your colors
◯How to make your nail parts stick perfectly onto the nail's form
◯How to coat your nails with the form shape in mind

and more...
The lesson will focus on the quality of the nail art as well.

This nail art is highly customizable and you can choose your colors from a wide range of choices.

The lesson will talk about using red and black embedding nail parts,
but in the latter half of the lesson, mayu will also talk about creating designs that are tortoiseshell-colored.

You can master how to customize colors by taking this lesson.

You'll be able to learn skills that will enable you
to create various colors and designs on your own, as well.

Master this classy and high-quality nail art that's unlike any other autumn/winter season nail art,
and start creating original colors on your own. Enjoy!