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【Advanced Lesson】Rabbit Doll
【Advanced Lesson】Rabbit Doll
【Advanced Lesson】Rabbit Doll
【Advanced Lesson】Rabbit Doll
【Advanced Lesson】Rabbit Doll
【Advanced Lesson】Rabbit Doll
【Advanced Lesson】Rabbit Doll
【Advanced Lesson】Rabbit Doll
【Advanced Lesson】Rabbit Doll
The next lesson after mastering basic and intermediate level!
Learn how to make a realistic and adorable rabbit doll!

This is a 7 days lesson,
where you will learn at a good pace, how to make a rabbit doll.

Introducing the materials / Making the base

Attaching eyes and eyelids / Making the ears / Attaching the ears

Coloring the face / Attaching the cheek fur

Making the mouth / Attaching the eye line

Making the paws / Making the chest / Attaching the front paws / Attaching the chest fur

Attaching the scut / Attaching the hind paws / Attaching the butt fur

Attaching the back and paws fur


The finished doll will have the same white and fluffy features that a rabbit has.

In order to make a realistic rabbit doll,
the technique to poke the fluffy fur is essential.

In this lesson, Yukarin Sensei will teach her needle felting technique precisely.
During the process of making the rabbit, you will learn tips and the right order for felting.

You will learn not only the techniques of needle felting but also:

◆ Tips to make the base in order to finish it pretty.
◆ Things to be careful when coloring the body.
◆ How to make the mouth, which improves the complexion
◆ Tips to attach the eyeliner.

And more!
Yukari Sensei who is always reaching for the realistic look will teach you all the way carefully.

Since you can always access the online lessons,
you can always review the complicated processes and difficult parts.

Once you master how to make the rabbit doll, the other pieces will not be difficult.

Although the other animals have different colors and shapes, the technique tips are the same.
Once you master the rabbit doll, you will be able to make a variety of pieces!

Learn the techniques, and try to make your own original rabbit doll!

Although the goal is to finish the doll in 7 days,
you can do it at your own pace.

For the beginners of needle felting, you can access the link below and learn first the basic techniques:
Beginners / Intermediate

No Cork Board post for this lesson.