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Chocolate Cake Decoration
Chocolate Cake Decoration
Chocolate Cake Decoration
Chocolate Cake Decoration
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■Chocolate Genoise

Try this lesson out once you've master a basic genoise.
Learn how to make a chocolate genoise!

In this lesson, Hatsumi will teach you how to make a chocolate genoise.

This lesson will teach you how to make a soft chocolate genoise
that's perfect for any special occasion, including Christmas.

Making a chocolate genoise isn't just about
adding chocolate to a basic genoise.

You'll need to learn when to mix chocolate, how much chocolate you need to mix, and how to mix the whole thing.
There are lots of tips to learn in order to make a chocolate genoise.

Hatsumi will teach you those tips in this lesson, nice and slow. In addition, she'll also teach you:

◆Rules on how to mix in order to make a soft sponge cake
◆How to make your sponge cake's texture thick
◆Tips on how to make a smooth sponge

She'll teach you each and every step you need in order to make the perfect chocolate genoise.

So go ahead and learn how to make a quality genoise
using Hastumi's original recipe.

There's no need to worry even if you're a beginner baker.
This lesson will show you Hasumi making the cake herself, during the lecture.

The lesson content is catered toward beginners. Even if you're just starting out
you'll be able to master this lesson in no time. So try it out!

Master how to make a chocolate genoise
and improve your skills in cake decorating!

If you want to know more about how to decorate your chocolate genoise
then go ahead and check this lesson kit out!

■Chocolate Cream Decoration

The next step after mastering the Chocolate Genoise!
Learn how to decorate a cake with chocolate whipped cream.

In this lesson, you will learn all the steps from how to make
chocolate whipped cream to how to use it to decorate a cake.

Chocolate cakes are part of the perfect holiday recipes,
and once you master this recipe, you will be able to decorate an even larger amount of cakes.

Hatsumi, your instructor, will show how to make chocolate whipped cream,
and how to do a chic decoration that will "wow" your family and friends.

◆How thin you should cut the fruits
◆How to beautifully ice the genoise
◆How to create a chocolate drip on your cake
◆How to pipe the whipped cream

Those are a few of the tips Hatsumi will be teaching you,
in order to achieve a flawless Cocoa Genoise finish.

This lesson is also for cake baking newbies!

Hatsumi shows all the techniques herself,
so you will not have a hard time mastering the basic decoration techniques.

If you learn the tricks, you will be able to make a perfect cake,
so please watch as many times as you need and keep practicing!

Let's say you wanted to bake a nice cake for your son's birthday,
or that baking a cake has always been on your bucket list.
This is a great opportunity to start doing so by mastering the techniques taught by Hatsumi!

If you are curious to master the Chocolate Genoise recipe,
we would recommend including this lesson as well, as a set!

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