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Basic Cake Decoration
Basic Cake Decoration
Basic Cake Decoration
Basic Cake Decoration
Basic Cake Decoration
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A must-watch for cake decoration beginners!
This is a lesson set that includes all the basics of cake making.

In this lesson set,

②"Decoration 〜Beginners〜"
③"Decoration 〜Advanced〜"

all come in one set.

It is a must-watch for those who want to try a genuine cake decoration at home.


Genoise is a sponge cake used in strawberry shortcakes.
In Japan, using butter for the sponge cake is usual,
but this sponge cake with butter is called genoise.

In order to make the decoration cake beautiful, the softness of the whipped cream and
the piping technique are definitely important, but the sponge part is very important as well.

The lesson will give you a step-by-step instruction
on how to make the perfect genoise.


This introductory lesson on cake decoration will show you
how to make the whipped cream as well as the basic piping techniques.

Once you master the basics, there's nothing to be afraid of!
Cake making will become fun for sure!

Beginners of cake making and those who are not good at handling whipped cream,
please try Hatsumi's style and master it!

②Decoration 〜Advanced〜

The last lesson is the advanced cake decoration. You will learn two different piping techniques.

Piping with the star-shaped piping tip which will make the cake look gorgeous
and the frill piping with the rose-shaped piping tip will broaden your cake decoration with these techniques!

Please give it a try
and make a genuine cake decoration at home on your own!

No Cork Board post for this lesson.