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Plumeria & Antique Rose Set
Plumeria & Antique Rose Set
Plumeria & Antique Rose Set
Plumeria & Antique Rose Set
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The set of intermediate and advanced version of 3-D flower art lesson♪

You can learn
Plumeria(3-D flower Intermediate ver.)
Antique rose(3-D flower Advanced ver.)

at once✨

* Intermediate version "Plumeria"

The lesson of taking mixture of 2 colors at the same time✨
Of course, teaching perfectly how to take 2 colors, also explaining some points when making plumeria.
Focus on

◯Amount of color powder of mixture
◯The way to overlap plumeria's petal
◯How to appear the color clearly

and so on.

* Advanced version "Antique rose"

3-D art of antique rose which also recommended for bridal nails✨
The shape or the way to overlap petals of rose is more difficult than usual 5 petals flower. This advanced lesson of 3-D flower art by Riyo, teaching

◯How to make more 3-D feeling
◯How to make the art more elegant
◯The way to coating while remaining 3-D feeling

and many other detailed points that we can't write all at here!

We recommend to master "3-D flower art (Beginner ver.)" before taking these two lessons.
Get some basic knowledge of 3-D art using mixture and be good at it!

No Cork Board post for this lesson.