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café combination
café combination
café combination
café combination
■ ice black & latte

A cool-looking nail art which will be very useful for summer salon work!
Learn how to create nail art that portrays ice coffee!

In this lesson, learn how to create nail art of delicious looking coffee with lots of ice.
Two types will be taught by designing black coffee on the middle finger and cafe latte on the ring finger.

In the season when ice coffee is appreciated, mayu recommends
a cool-looking design that can be arranged using many different colors.

Adjust the amount of ice and cream to create the perfect coffee
that you or your customer has in mind.

In this lesson,
◆How to apply color to emphasize the edges of the ice
◆Which top gel to use when creating the colors
◆How to make minor adjustments to create the perfect coffee

are some of the points discussed as you learn how to create the cool-looking ice coffee nail with plenty of ice.

Also, learn how to add a nuance art look,
and why to use silver parts as decorations for the finishing touches.

Learn the everyday thought process of mayu as she creates nail art.

You can create mango frappuccino or strawberry frappuccino by changing the colors.
Prepare the ice cubes in advance
and choose the color depending on your customer's request, and you'll be able to create a variety of designs.

It may be difficult to create the look of blended cream,
but tips on correcting will also be taught in detail.

It is a design that you won't be able to create two of the same of,
so try it many times using a lot of different colors!


■ café creme

A secondary art which you want to master along with the Ice Black & Latte design!
Learn how to create a marble pattern that looks like coffee and cream is blended.

In this lesson, learn how to create a secondary art that
mayu recommends along with the Ice Black & Latte design.

Cafe Creme is French for coffee with cream.

The other lesson "Ice Black & Latte" is a lesson teaching how to create nail art for the summer
that portrays coffee with lots of ice,
but in this lesson, learn how to create coffee with lots of cream using similar colors as a secondary art.

Portray the blended coffee and cream with mayu's marble pattern design.

Using mayu's technique, you will be able to create a delicious looking coffee with cream
that looks like it has been poured into a glass cup.


◆The amount of gel to use to create a beautiful marble pattern
◆How to correct the design if it doesn't turn out the way you want
◆Tips for creating the form
◆How to make minor adjustments

are some of the points discussed to help you create the perfect marble pattern.

Once you master the technique, you can add your own touches.
Adjust the colors to your liking to portray
the blended coffee and cream.

Changing up the colors or adding your favorite parts will also give you a different finished look.

The design taught in this lesson is meant to be a secondary art for the "Ice Black & Latte",
but it can definitely be used as a simple main art.

You can create a tortoiseshell design for autumn using the same techniques,
so please try this design and master it!