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gem style / combination
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■ Jewelry Gem

The Gemstone art that was very popular at the BWJ 2018 demonstration!
We will give a lesson on how to make the very easy to use, Jewelry Gem!

In this lesson, we will give a lesson on how to make the realistic gemstone art that was
demonstrated by mayu at the BWJ 2018.

Gemstone nails are popular now, and there are many gemstone arts that pursue a realistic radiance,
but today's lecture is on a less conspicuous, fancy gemstone art.

The Jewelry Gem uses mainly clear colors and brown,
with a calm but strong presence.

The use of clear colors gives it a very light impression, so
there is no mistake that it will succeed as a main art of the summer.

You can make it with any clear color of your choice, so the variety of color arrangements is one of the appealing points as well.
In this lesson,

◆Tips for an easy way to make a wood pattern
◆How to cleanly place on materials
◆Tips on how to make stripes, to make an even more realistic gemstone
◆A coloring method to create a sense of depth

Centered on the above points, we will explain the tips needed to perfectly create the Jewelry Gem.

Nail art with transparency looks nice overall,
so there is a need to complete it perfectly so the weak points don't stand out.

Don't worry, since we will not only logically explain how to make the art and important tips,
but also how to hide the weak points, and how to correct it when you make a mistake.

It is difficult in the beginning, but try it while reviewing it many times.

Today's gemstone art is very fun to make while thinking of the overall balance.
Please master it and try making the Jewelry Gem with the color of your choice.


■ layer gem parts

A very popular series of handmade gemstone parts!
This lesson is on the layer gem, full of originality, which can be made in different ways.

In this lesson, we will lecture you on gemstone parts perfect for the summer,
which can be made with a variety of different colors.

Handmade gemstone parts are one and only.
It will be the only one in the world, so your customers will definitely be happy with it in salon work.
Also, these parts can be stocked, so if you make extras in your free time,
it will help shorten your salon work time.

This gemstone art that brings out stylishness just by combining it with simple art,
is something you should definitely acquire this summer.

Mayu will neatly explain how to make the parts from scratch,
to placing them on the nail.

◆How to create the design and what to use in it, to make it realistic
◆Tips on how to make the parts into the shape of your liking
◆How to place on the parts to prevent things from getting caught

centered on the above points, we will give a lesson on how to make realistic gemstone parts.

Not only will we lecture you on how to make the parts, but also the process of placing the parts on the nail.
Even if you are able to make nice parts, it is no use if you can't place them well on the nail.

We will logically explain what parts to use to fill in the gaps between two parts,
and what type of gel to use for each part.

Once you master the method, you can arrange it freely.

In the lesson we use gemstones with clear colors, suited for the summer, but
in the winter or fall, we can also use rather darker colors to make it ore-like.

Please master it, and incorporate it into your salon work right away♪