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■ PVC Combo (Parts & Flat)
■ PVC Combo (Parts & Flat)
■ PVC Combo (Parts & Flat)
■ PVC Combo (Parts & Flat)
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■ PVC: Parts (Prism + Plain)

The latest design by the creator, mayu, using the currently trending PVC!
She will be teaching how to make prism and plain PVC parts.

In this lesson, we will be learning how to create PVC parts, which have gained popularity this year.
We will be learn how to create the latest works by mayu, which have been talked about a lot on Instagram.

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, and is made by the polymerization of plastic and vinyl chloride.

It has recently began to be used in high-end brand bags and fashion items
and has gained great popularity from the fact that it can be used for outfits of any color.

In this lesson, we will be using PVC as parts to apply on nails.
The translucent color will match with any color, just like with outfits.
The parts can be used for salon work as well.

In this lesson, the following points will be taught

◆How to avoid air bubbles
◆How to get the translucency and solidity of PVC
◆How to get a ready-made looking finish

mayu will be sharing all of the steps to get the real PVC look.

You can customize the parts once you master the techniques.
You can make many kinds of PVC parts using your favorite parts and letter stickers.

You will be able to please many customers once you learn how to make a variety of PVC parts.
Your customers will definitely enjoy the trending nail art.

In this lesson video, we will learn the crafting process from step one.
After learning to apply the PVC parts you made on your nails,
you will also be learning how to make clear parts.

Please master and enjoy mayu's newest, and the now trending
PVC nail art.

Once you master how to make PVC parts, try this lesson "PVC: Flat"
and widen the variety of trending nail art you can make.


■ PVC: Flat

The newest design from mayu using the trending PVC!
She will be teaching nail art that gives the entire nail a PVC look.

In this lesson, we will be learning a secondary art that can be used
with the PVC parts made in another lesson.

Using the trending PVC material for a flat design
will make nail art using PVC parts look even more amazing.

We will be learning not only how to apply the material,
but also many tips on how to get a beautiful flat finish.

◆How to process the aurora film to fit the shape of your nail perfectly
◆How to apply film and foil neatly over each other
◆mayu's advice on choosing and applying mirror powder
◆Things to know when applying parts such as chain parts

are just some of the things we will be learning in this lesson.
All of the necessary steps to getting a perfect
PVC flat finish is included in this lesson.

The most important point of this nail art is to make sure there are no air bubbles.
Air bubbles will take away the PVC look of the nail art.

However, air bubbles are hard to keep out when applying the film.
Having many air bubbles will take away the PVC look of the nail art.

In this lesson, we will learn all of the steps to prevent air bubbles.
We will also learn the process to keep air bubble from forming.

The showiness of this art makes it great as a secondary art for the summer.
We will also be learning tips on how to apply PVC flat to multiple nails without it looking too showy.

PVC flat is an essential in today's salon work.
Please try this lesson "PVC: Parts (Prism + Plain)" as well to take on the latest trend.
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