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Cupcake MasterCourse
Cupcake MasterCourse
Cupcake MasterCourse
Cupcake MasterCourse
Cupcake MasterCourse
Cupcake MasterCourse
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Learn the secret on how to bake and decorate perfect cupcakes every time!

This is a package that includes all of the 4 contents about cupcake decorating.

・Flat topped vanilla cupcakes
After making so many errors and retries Yuyu has found 3 important things to bake fluffy, moist and flat topped cupcakes. In this class she doesn’t just share those tips but with the reasons so you can fully understand why they are important.

・Delicious buttercream frosting
Master fluffy, creamy buttercream frosting with Yuyu’s method.
Yuyu shares her tips from the best type of butter to use to the perfect piping consistency.
No more stress, more time to enjoy decoration!

・How to color buttercream and pipe rose swirls
Knowing how to turn your ivory colored buttercream to pure white is an essential to make pretty colored frosting.
Yuyu shows you her way to color the buttercream in pretty pastel pink as well as which piping nozzle to use to pipe quick rose.
She also shares how to make sugar bows which is so easy.

・How to make fondant daisies and pipe basic swirls
Let Yuyu show you how to create beautifully decorated cupcakes with simple and fun techniques.

No Cork Board post for this lesson.