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Eye Parts Customization
Another lesson on Blythe Doll Customization! A lecture on several ways to customize your Blythe doll! In this lesson, you will be taught how to customize a Blythe doll. It will be a lecture on 4 ways to customize the eyes in order to give off different impressions. By acquiring these techniques, you will be able to customize your doll to your own liking, allowing you to create a wide range of customizations! This lesson includes the following ways to customize your doll: ○How to close your doll's eyes ○How to make your doll's eyes look upwards ○How to make your doll's eyes open wide ○How to attach 2 layers of eyelashes Which will all be explained clearly by Borumi. By learning how to close your doll's eyes, you will be able to adjust the state of the eyelids freely. By learning how to attach 2 layers of eyelashes, you will be able to adjust the thickness of eyelash freely. After mastering these techniques, you will be able to create a wide range of expressions. This lesson is for people who want to widen the range of Blythe doll customization options or for those experienced in customizing Blythe dolls. As long as you master these techniques, the possibilities are endless. What is being shown during the lesson is merely an example of how you can customise your doll so try mastering these techniques and make your very own Blythe doll. Once you master this handicraft series, try the make-up series too! Increase the variety of make-up on your doll, allowing you to better create a finished product to your liking♪ For beginners to Blythe doll customisation, here is a lecture series on the basics of customization. Start from the lessons here!

Customizer Borumi