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Saori Tanabe
Jewelry Nail
------------------------------------ 【12/7 Lesson Updated!】 The updated lesson introduces you to several tips and tricks for a better finish, including how to make the nail so it doesn't get caught, or why it gets caught. The lesson also offers a present campaign for those of you that purchased the lesson within a limited period! Please watch the lesson! ------------------------------------ The popular jewelry nail lesson is now available online! This lesson introduces you how to make 3 different kinds of jewelry nails. In this lesson, instructor Saori Tanabe tells you how to make her original design, a jewelry nail which was also very popular at the Nail Expo 2018. She explains the way of making three kinds of jewelry nails carefully. A jewelry nail is one of the nail arts that looks as if a real jewel is on top of your nail. Many of you might wonder the way of making it, but it's unexpectedly easy. In this lesson, the instructor tells you how to make the following three kinds of jewels. ○ A purple color stone version ○ An emerald green milky stone version ○ A golden frame version She explains not only how to make jewels, but also explains how to make 3 kinds of jewels so that you can enjoy making many arrangements. They might look quite thick, but actually they aren't. In spite of the simple making process, you can complete it as a high-quality and substantial artwork like this. Once you master the way of making it, it actually won't take long to get it done so it will be so useful for your salon. You can add this jewelry nail instead of adding extra color to your nail art or you can also recommend it to your customers who want to wear it in the office. You can expand the range of your art work depending on how to make arrangements so go ahead and master all of the 3 kinds and widen the scope of your artwork! It's definitely recommended to those who missed the Expo. Those who have seen her demonstration at the Expo can also review her lesson by watching this video and enjoy various colors and designs of jewelry nails!
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