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Privacy Policy

MICOLY, Inc. (hereinafter called "we"), in order to protect personal information provided by registered users on "miroom" (hereinafter called "the service"), comply with the Law Concerning the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter called "Personal Information Protection Law") and other related laws and regulations, as is stipulated in this Privacy Policy.

1. Collection of Personal Information

We collect our user's personal information:

  • When a user registers for this service.
  • When a user registers, posts information or do any other activity on this service.
  • When a user accepts the cooperation between this service and any other services (hereinafter called "other services") operated by a third party.
  • When a user makes contact with us to ask questions or to make requests about this service.
  • When a user participates in a campaign or any other similar activities for which we are responsible.
  • When we need to collect personal information that is incidentally required to the occasions abovementioned.

2. Use of Personal Information

We use personal information only for the range of purposes below. We will not use any personal information out of this range, except in cases where the user agrees to our conditions or the use is acknowledged under Personal Information Protection Law and other laws concerning personal information.

  • To offer various services for the members of this service.
  • To distribute new information about this service.
  • To keep temporary backups for operation and management of this service.
  • To contact the users to notify the campaigns and surveys of this service, and to ship letters to them concerning these occasions.
  • To distribute information to the members of this service by e-mail.
  • To distribute advertisement with regard to this service.
  • To do surveys or verifications to make sure we are operating this service safely.
  • To answer inquiries and requests.
  • To respond to inquiries and requests.
  • To send important notices such as changing our conditions and policies.
  • To make anonymous statistical data about this service.
  • To ship physical items purchased on this service to the purchasing users.
  • For other marketing and sales strategy.
  • For the purpose of other operations concerning the above.

3. Sharing of information

Except as described in the Policy, we will not provide the user's Personal Information to third parties without their consent.
In case of company mergers, acquisitions, or any other business-related operations, we may share the user’s Personal Information to third parties, but in that case, we will endeavor to maintain confidentiality in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy.
Since this service aims to share knowledge among the users, the information that users post to this service may be searched or reused on other websites, except when the users set their information to private on this service's settings.

4. Security of Personal Information

To avoid leakage, loss, damage or any other safety issues of Personal Information, we take the all the necessary measures as well as educate our employees to thoroughly protect the user's Personal Information.

5. Disclaimer

In the following cases, we will be exempted from responsibility regarding the acquisition of Personal Information by third parties.

  • In case the users reveal their Personal Information to third parties by themselves using the function on the service or any other way.
  • In case the users could be extrapolated to be a specific individual by the information registered to this service, posted on this service or in any other ways.
  • In case third parties acquire the user's Personal Information or any other information related to this service outside of this service.
  • In case the users allow other persons to acquire their information (ID, password, etc.) that can identify them, whether willingly or accidentally.

6. Cooperation with other services

On this service, the users can connect and cooperate with other service’s account accepted by them. But please note that the information they offered to the other services is not under control of us. The Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy of this service does not necessarily apply to the information offered to the other services.

7. Usage of statistical information

We collect anonymous data about and translate them into statistical information so that we could offer more useful knowledge to our users and our website, as well as understand our users. Anonymous statistical data are considered not to be Personal Information under our Privacy Policy.

8. About Cookies, analytic tools and other related technologies

This service may use technologies such as Cookie, pixel tag, and web beacon to track the user's usage of this service. These technologies help us understand the user trends better by, say, knowing which pages of our website are visited more frequently than others, and thus promote and evaluate the effectiveness of the advertisements and web searches. Users who want to invalidate Cookie should disable it by changing the web browser’s settings. However, if Cookie is invalidated, some functions of this service may not be available.

This website uses Google Analytics, an analytic tool provided by Google. This tool uses Cookies to collect traffic data, but all data is collected anonymously and is not used to specify individual users. Users can reject the collection of data by changing the settings on their web browser to disable Cookies. Click here for more information on this policy.

9. Request for notification, disclosure, correction, and suspension of our usage of Personal Information

We have a Service Office described below in charge of notifying the purpose of use, the disclosure of Personal Information, correction, addition or deletion of contents, suspension or elimination of use, and suspension of information provision to third parties. If there is a request abovementioned from the principals, after confirming the identity we will respond according to the provisions of laws and regulations and reply by a confirmation letter or email.
If the request does not satisfy the requirements specified by laws or regulations, or if there are some reasons for refusing disclosure, etc. according to the Personal Information Protection Law or other laws and regulations, we may not be able to process the request. Please note that we may ask for fees to notify the purpose of use and disclosure of Personal Information we posess.

10. Service Office

MICOLY, Inc. Customer Support

11. Governing Law and Exclusive Jurisdiction Agreement

The law governing this Privacy Policy is the Japanese law. For any dispute about the Privacy Policy or one related to it will be judged by the Tokyo District Court’s first examiner’s exclusive jurisdictional court.

12. Commitment to improvement

We will regularly review the operation status of handling Personal Information and endeavor to continuously improve our service and policies. We may change the Privacy Policy when necessary. We will not arbitrarily tweak user’s right on this service stipulated in the Privacy Policy without their explicit permission. When changing an important part of this Privacy Policy, we will inform the users in advance by posting on this page as clearly as possible. For minor changes, they will be described on this page.

Established and enforced on February 1, 2017
Revised on March 4, 2018
Revised on April 10, 2019