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HELPAbout the Video ClipsHow do I take lessons on miroom?
How do I take lessons on miroom?
To start taking lessons on miroom, please follow below steps.

1) To take a lesson, you need to create an account (free). You can create an account easily with your email address or social media account. There is no membership fee or renewal charge. After you create an account, you can start taking lessons using one of the below methods.

 (i)Take lessons as a Miroom Monthly member
  Select a payment method (Credit card, atone (billed following month), Amazon Pay) and subscribe to Miroom Monthly.
 (ii)Purchase lessons individually
  Go to the lesson you want to take and purchase individually.

2) Tap the "Lesson" button at the top of the screen. (On computers, click "Find Lesson Videos")

3) Find a lesson you want to take. You can serach by category or by instructor.
・Search by caterogy

・Search by instructor

3) After you subscribe to Miroom Monthly or purchase an individual lesson, simply select the video you purchased to start the lesson. If you enjoy taking multiple lessons, we recommend Miroom Monthly membership which gives you unlimited access for a monthly subscription fee.