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MIROOM Monthly

What is MIROOM Monthly Member?

MIROOM Monthly is a subscription plan that allows you to watch select lesson videos for $9.25 a month.
Subscribers will be able to watch all of the select lesson videos for no extra charge.

Do I need to pay a sign up fee to become a MIROOM Monthly Member?

No, there is no sign up fee for this plan.

Can I unsubscribe at any time?

Yes, you can unsubscribe from My Page at any time.

What happens to the individual lessons I purchased before becoming a MIROOM Monthly Member?

You will still be able to watch the lesson videos that you purchased individually in the past.

Can I use the MIROOM Monthly services on multiple devices?

By subscribing to the MIROOM Monthly plan, you will be able to watch the lesson videos from your smartphone, tablet, PC, or other devices.

What are the accepted payment methods for MIROOM Monthly Member?

Credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, JCB, American Express) and Alipay can be used. We are working to expand the payment methods.

Where can I register for MIROOM Monthly Member?

Sign up from the link below.

If the credit card I use for MIROOM Monthly expires, does it automatically unscribe me from the membership?

Regardless of whether or not your card is canceled, if there is no successful payment within 7 days after the expiration date (including the date of expiration), your subscription will automatically be canceled.

How long does it take for a lesson to become available to the MIROOM Monthly Member after it is on sale?

The lesson videos available will consist of those that have been released for over 6 months, but this does not apply to all such videos.

Will the number of videos available to the MIROOM Monthly Member increase in the future?

Yes, the number of lesson videos available with this plan will increase over time.

What is the Free Trial?

In the Free Trial campaign, you can enjoy the MIROOM Monthly services for one week after subscription without any payment. Please take this opportunity to try it out.

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