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About the Video Clips

Can I watch the free lesson videos without purchasing?

Yes. You can watch them without the purchasing process.

What is the difference between the free lesson videos and the purchased lesson videos?

Creators set them based on their own ideas. The qualities of the videos are basically not different between them.

Is it possible that the price of the lesson video lesson will change after it’s been released?

Yes. In that case, we will not refund or charge extra fees, etc., to users who have already purchased the lesson.

May I get a refund if the contents of the lesson video weren’t what I expected?

Due to the nature of the digital content, we cannot provide a refund.

Can I not buy the “coming soon” lesson videos beforehand?

The release date is set for each lesson video. You cannot purchase and watch lessons before the release date. Please wait until it’s released.

How can I get the information of the items used in lessons?

Sorry for the trouble, but please switch the language to Japanese ("日本語") and view the lesson page, and you can see the information and the links around the bottom of the page if you have purchased the lesson.
But please note that many of the items are only available in Japan and we cannot guarantee that you can acquire the items from the links.

I bought a lesson video but I cannot find the items used in the video.

Although it is usually recommended for the creators to display the tools used in the video, some creators may prefer not to.

I cannot watch the lesson video even after I press the start. It stops and I cannot watch it.

Video buffering may be slow depending on your internet connection. Please change the internet connection or come back later and try again. Sorry for the trouble.

I can not play the video.

If you're using Safari, clear all cookies and try again, or switch your browsing application to Chrome and try again. Check the system requirements from the following link: System requirements of "MIROOM"

Can I watch the lesson video when I’m offline?

The video lesson is basically streaming playback so you cannot watch it when offline.

Can I watch the lesson videos permanently?

Yes, once purchased, you can watch the videos permanently and as many times as you wish, without any extra charges in principle. *Please refer to the Terms of Service to learn more details.

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