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Method of Payment

How can I pay for the videos?

Currently, only credit cards(VISA, Mastercard, JCB, AmericanExpress) are available. We are planning to expand the payment methods in the future.

Which credit card is available?

VISA, Mastercard, JCB and AmericanExpress are available.

Is it safe to pay by card?

The settlement of credit cards in "MIROOM" is done under a secure system by "Stripe", which is a payment service affiliated with Sumitomo Mitsui Cards in Japan.

An error message “Your credit card looks invalid.” appears when I click on the purchase button.

The credit card cannot be used because the credit cards you have registered have expired, the amount of usage has exceeded the limit or for other reasons. Please contact the card company or try it again with another card.

Can I change my information of credit card?

Access "My page" → "Edit Credit Card" page and delete the existing credit card information and register the new credit card.

I want to delete my information of the credit card.

Credit card information you have registered with "MIROOM" can be deleted from "My page" → "Edit User Account" → "Credit card".

Can I get a receipt?

MIROOM does not issue receipts. The details of the withdrawal of the credit card will be substituted as a receipt.

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