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What is "MIROOM" ?

"MIROOM" is a video platform that publishes and selles video lessons in each rooms which creators set up their own.
Not only possible to learn skills in each room, you can enjoy the creator's view of the world.We are planning to hold on-line events that perform the skills you learned here and also real events that only members can participate.

How can I watch the lesson video after I register?

Please do the following procedure.

1)Register as a user from the "Sign In" page.
2)After logging in, access to "My page"→"Edit Credit Card" and register your credit card.
3)Find the video lesson you want to watch and click "Purchase".Click "Purchase" again on the confirmation page.
4)You can start viewing from the video lesson page or "My page".

Is the registration required to watch the lesson video?

Yes. In order to watch the lesson videos, you need to register as a user and purchase the video. You can watch free video lessons without registering.

What is the difference with other video site?

In the room that each creators open, you can purchase your favorite videos while experiencing their views. We think this is the different point from other video sites.

What device shall I use to watch the lesson video?

Please use a computer, a smartohone or a tablet.

Where should I check in order to know that a new lesson video has been released?

Register with LINE@, and then you will receive notification on the latest video distributions. Also, following the Instagram of each creator makes it easier to receive the latest information.

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